Your cooperation partner – ECOCERT and COSMOS certified contract manufacturer and developer for the natural cosmetics industry.
We provide high-class production and product development for the natural, organic skincare, and personal care industry.

The roots of Nordic BioCosmetic are deep in the history of the Finnish cosmetic industry and natural cosmetic production.

The story of our factory began in the 1960’s when a local selective fragrance businessman Mr. Karl Lark made the decision to build a cosmetic production facility in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. In 1999 the factory was taken over by a Swedish company Marja Entrich AB and the factory received a new name, Nordic BioCosmetic. Marja Entrich was a skin therapist who believed in the power of the creams she developed from pure natural ingredients originally in her her own clinic in Stockholm back in the 1940’s. Her ”green” philosophy which was ahead of her time is at the foundation of Nordic BioCosmetic.

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