Why to collaborate

Cooperation with us is worthwhile

Our service concept guarantees that you have access to our comprehensive expertise in the fields of organic skin care, body care, hair care, hygiene products and sun protection products. We know how to design your products organically, with as little environmental impact as possible. We have first-class customer service and high-quality products that consumers like, trust and fall in love with.

Research and development

For us, creative ideas and new innovations as well as the purchase of new raw materials are everyday joys. Our know-how strengthens your company’s brand whether it’s a completely new product series or updating your existing product family. We know how to refine an idea into a product and our R&D chemists have exceptional knowledge of cosmetics, organic recipes and vegan ingredients. All of this significantly speeds up getting your product to the market.

Production and packaging

The keywords are flexibility, quality and reliability. Our flexibiity is shown in our ability to respond quickly and in a controlled manner  even to unexpected changes in the customer’s needs. Long customer relationships and an open culture of cooperation speaks for our reliability. And quality – it’s the result of the work of skilled hands.

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