• I have an idea for a product. How do I proceed?

    Contact us! We love to hear more about your idea, with absolute confidentiality. Once we have agreed to start cooperation, all our knowledge is available for you. Our job is to advise what would be the best way to proceed.

  • How can I be sure that the product will be exactly as desired?

    Creative ideas and new innovations as well as the purchase of new raw materials are everyday joys for us. Our R&D chemists have exeptional knowledge of cosmetics, organic recipes and vegan ingredients and they will negotiate with you about all the solutions throughout the development process. Once the formula of the product is ready will our laboratory prepare a sample for you to be tested. Only after your approval the formula will go into production according to the pre-agreed schedule.

  • How much product should be ordered at once?

    Agility and flexibility are the core of our production. We can almost always meet the customer’s production request. Contact us and we will tell you more.

  • How long does the product process take?

    Developing a safe, affective, and flawless product requires not only precision and creativity, but also patience. On average the product process from idea to finished product takes 6-12 months, depending on the final content of the formula, the number of samples to be made and the delivery times of the raw materials and packaging materials to be purchased and finally, about the schedules of the required tests.

  • I already have a formula. Can you manufacture and package the product?

    Of course! Contact us and let’s talk about how we are going to proceed.

  • Private label or white label?

    Private label means that we manufacture fully customized, individual cosmetic products with a unique product development process. Private label enables the use of special ingredients and you have the opportunity to participate in the product development process intimately. We want to serve our customers by showing how a cosmetics product turns from an idea to a concrete item. If needed our service is all-inclusive.  A private label -product is not manufactured for anyone else and it’s ownership belongs to the person or company that has paid for the product development process – in this case, for you.

    White label on the other hand means that everyone has equal possibility to buy the content of the product, but the product name, outlook and packaging labels for the responsible person will  change. White label -product is a product which already exists, but is now branded as product of yours. This is a well-established practice in the cosmetics industry maybe becouse making a cosmetic product is possible anyway and at the same time product development fees can be avoided. Of course the quality of the products and our service is first class also to our white label customers. Our white label -products can also be manufactured as sertified natural cosmetics.